Writing Contests 

Mission & Vision

The purpose of our writing contest series is to encourage creative writing in our local community and beyond by supporting the efforts of aspiring writers.  The contests aim to challenge writers and present them with opportunities to practice skills that could be an integral part in taking their writing pursuits to the next level.  Our inaugural year was 2019 and we aim to grow with purpose, expanding our pool of participants each year as well as our prizes and opportunities for entrants and winners as the contest continues.  The Adventure Bound Writing Contest and the Creative Kids Writing Contest are in their 3rd year, and the Celebrating Poetry Contest is in its 2nd year in 2021.  This years (2021) welcomes the launch of our micro-story contest!

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT?! (Also known as Unanswered Questions)

If you have questions about the contest that are not answered herein, please feel free to email us at events@adventureboundbooks.com with the subject line corresponding to the writing contest about which you have a question (for example: Creative Kids Writing Contest Question).