Used Book Program

We offer store credit for used books which meet the following conditions:

* Good to excellent condition (binding is not destroyed, pages are not ripped or marked up, front and back covers are present and not torn or ripped, pages are not weathered or discolored from age, water damage, or other factors).

* Non-fiction reference or textbook style books are published recently enough to still contain relevant content and are not out of date, thus generally having been published in the last 2-5 years.   

Not all books will be a good fit for our bookstore and the reading needs of our customers and therefore we will not be able to accept all books brought to the bookstore for store credit consideration.

We will not apply in-store credit for books left on our doorstep outside of operating hours with a note left on the books.  Used books must be brought in during store hours to be considered for in-store credit.

The Process

Step 1: Please call ahead to make sure that the bookstore is accepting used books.  There may be time when the store is too busy or we are overstocked on used books and may need to ask you to hold onto your books for a while.

Step 2: When you arrive at the bookstore, you will be asked to leave your books in one of our used book crates.  You are asked to please bring only a crate-full, or less, of books at one time.

Step 3: Your Bookseller will give you an idea of how long it will take to process your store credit estimate and information on store credit and how it works.  We are unable to process store credit at the same moment you bring your books to the store.

Step 4: You will leave your name and contact information with your Bookseller.

Step 5: When your store credit estimate is ready, your Bookseller will notify you and you can accept the store credit OR you can pick up your books. 

We will not negotiate the amount of in-store credit we will offer.  As a starting point, for books in good to excellent condition, we will offer 25% of the value of the book if it were sold as new at the suggested retail/publisher price.  For example, if a book has a suggested publisher/retail price of $10.00, you will most likely be given $2.50 of in-store credit for the used book.  If you do not approve of the in-store credit offer made to you by the bookstore, you may choose to pick up your books.  We do NOT pay cash for books.  We will still accept donations of used books meeting the conditions outlined above if you are moving and do not desire to be given store credit for your used books.  In-store credit non-transferable to other individuals.  I

n-store credit cannot be used to purchase gift certificates or used towards the cost of events, workshops, or camps.  In-store credit can be used to cover up to 100% the cost of used books you are purchasing and up to 50% of the cost of new books and non-book gift items you are purchasing.  Store credit cannot be used towards artisan items on consignment with the bookstore (crocheted plush, photography, paintings, and on-consignment books).