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We're excited to partner with the American Booksellers Association and Ingram Book Group to offer you the option to shop online by clicking the shopping bag icon below!  Shoppers can choose to have their books shipped directly to them or to pick up their purchases at the bookstore.  When you choose to have the books shipped to you, most items will ship out to you within 1-5 business days.  For in-store pick ups, you'll get a notification when your order is ready to be picked up.  Angela sees every order that is placed.  If you have a coupon code or event related purchase and you mention it in the Order Comments, Angela will adjust your transaction purchase before finalizing it.  If we have your books in stock at the time of your order, you may get a notification that it is ready for pick up or has shipped sooner than if we need to get the book back in stock for you.  We appreciate your patience as we make ready your orders for shipping and pick up.   

Tips for Online Shopping!

There is a human touch to our online ordering and a bookseller (Angela) reviews each order before it is processed.  For fastest processing of your order, here are a few tips to consider:

* If you are pre-ordering a book, place a separate order for that book (that is, do not combine the pre-ordered book with an order for additional titles).  The default is that all books will ship when the pre-ordered book becomes available.

* If you have many titles you're ordering, consider two smaller orders instead of one larger order. Smaller orders (2-4 books) have a greater chance of shipping sooner.  This is not a requirement, only a suggestion.


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