Adventure Bound Scholarship

The Adventure Bound Scholarship is an annual $500.00 scholarship, established in 2021, awarded to an individual graduating high school in the year it is awarded who plans to enroll in a private or public 2 year or 4 year institution of higher education during the award year.  The purpose is to encourage the pursuit of the recipient’s dreams in general through a direct, one-time investment in the post-secondary educational path of their choice that will help them achieve their dreams.  

The founder of Adventure Bound Books, Angela Shores, has an earned PhD, has taught undergraduate and graduate students across a variety of educational disciplines, and most importantly, values the pursuit of one’s dreams and the many diverse paths that individuals follow to accomplish those dreams.  The establishment of the Adventure Bound Scholarship is intended to encourage an individual to pursue their dreams and support the part of their journey that includes post-secondary education.  As an entrepreneur and a creator, Angela believes in an individual’s ability to positively change the world in which they live, and strives to support dreamers and world-changers in many ways, including the establishment of Adventure Bound Books and the Adventure Bound Scholarship.  

To be eligible to receive the scholarship, individuals must:

(1) be a resident of one of the following North Carolina counties - Burke, McDowell, Caldwell, Catawba or Alexander;
(2) be identified as a high school senior currently enrolled in classes in a public, private, independent, or homeschool institution during the award year; and
(3) be able to demonstrate admission into, with the intent to attend, a public or private, two- or four- year institution of higher education.

To apply, students must, by the deadline:

(1) complete the online Scholarship Form;
(2) submit a current resume (online); and
(3) write and submit (online) a concise but thorough essay responding to the question How will you change the world?

All applications and materials will be reviewed by Angela, bookstore owner, who will make the final selection of the scholarship winner.  Grammar rules the world, so do not treat the application like a text message conversation with your best friend.  Do, however, make sure your answer to the essay question conveys who you are and doesn’t read like a formal research paper, or like a cliche or canned response. Dreamers change the world.  Make sure your essay is clear about who you are as a dreamer and how you will change the world. Your response should include consideration of how this scholarship will support you.  

All applications will be reviewed with no discrimination based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religious and spiritual beliefs/practices, sexual orientation, gender identity, or able-bodiedness.  The scholarship will be given to someone who demonstrates a desire to change the world and articulates a clear vision of how being a dreamer will have a positive impact on our community as well as how post-secondary education supports that for him/her/them. The application deadline is June 30th.  The recipient will be announced by July 31st and the scholarship monies awarded, in the form of a check made out to the legal name on the scholarship application, by August 15th.  

Adventure Bound Books is an independent bookstore in Morganton, North Carolina with a brick-and-mortar store front selling children’s, young adult, and adult books.  Our mission is to change the world in positive ways, beginning within the adjacent community, through programs and events that support and spotlight a multicultural tapestry of individuals, voices, and experiences.

We will not negotiate the amount of in-store credit we will offer.  As a starting point, for books in good to excellent condition, we will offer 25% of the value of the book if it were sold as new at the suggested retail/publisher price.  For example, if a book has a suggested publisher/retail price of $10.00, you will most likely be given $2.50 of in-store credit for the used book.  If you do not approve of the in-store credit offer made to you by the bookstore, you may choose to pick up your books.  We do NOT pay cash for books.  We will still accept donations of used books meeting the conditions outlined above if you are moving and do not desire to be given store credit for your used books.  In-store credit non-transferable to other individuals.  I

n-store credit cannot be used to purchase gift certificates or used towards the cost of events, workshops, or camps.  In-store credit can be used to cover up to 100% the cost of used books you are purchasing and up to 50% of the cost of new books and non-book gift items you are purchasing.  Store credit cannot be used towards artisan items on consignment with the bookstore (crocheted plush, photography, paintings, and on-consignment books).