Kids vs. Grown-Ups Reading Challenge 2020

Sponsored by Adventure Bound Books, LLC, an independent bookstore in downtown Morganton, NC, the purpose of the Kids vs. Grown-Ups Reading Challenge is to encourage reading across the lifespan with a bit of friendly competition, great books, and fun prizes.  

WHAT: A reading challenge meant to encourage kids and grown-ups to read more!

WHO: Anyone!  Readers sign up in pairs - one reader under the age of 18 years old (kid) and one reader over the age of 18 (grown-up).  

WHEN: January 6 - June 6, 2020

TELL ME MORE: Over the next six months, earn points for every reading-level appropriate book read and recorded on the Reading Challenge bookmark.  When you’ve filled a bookmark, bring it by the bookstore to add your points to your team’s total and pick up a new bookmark to complete.  You can earn extra points by attending bookstore events such as story time, author events, book club, and poetry night.  You can also earn extra points by attaching copies of your Adventure Bound Books receipts indicating you purchased your Reading Challenge books from us.  Each extra point earns you a stamp on the back of your bookmark.  

PRIZES: The best prize comes in the form of incredible adventures in each new book read! However, we have added an additional incentive - the team (Kids or Grown-Ups) with the most points at the end of the challenge wins!  If Team Kids wins, we’ll throw a special ice cream sundae celebration on our Bookstore Birthday in June.  If Team Grown-Ups wins, we’ll host a Grown-Ups Night Out event this summer where your kids can enjoy a fun 2 hour evening at the bookstore while YOU, grown-ups, enjoy a 2 hour, kid-free evening on us.  Only team members who submit books read/points earned will be eligible for prizes.

SIGN ME UP!  Stop by the bookstore any time and register (registration is free).  We’ll collect the name of the kid and the grown-up in your pair as well as contact information for prize purposes.  You’ll pick up your first Reading Challenge bookmark and get started.  

Q & A:
Q: Does my grown-up have to be my parent?

A: No!  The grown-up reading challenge partner for the kid part of the team can be a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, adult sibling, teacher, preacher/minister/rabbi, librarian, or favorite bookseller.  As long as it is someone who will encourage your reading.

Q: Can I count books I’ve already read?

A: The purpose of the challenge is to read more during the challenge period, so books should be read from January 6th to June 6th.  It is okay if it’s a book you’ve read before that you re-read during the challenge.

Q: Is there a word count requirement for the books that count?

A: Nope.  The books should just be reading-level appropriate for the reader.  So grown-ups, children’s books don’t count for you.  And kids, board books or other books that are below your reading level don’t count either.  

Q: Is there an age requirement to participate?

A: There is not a specific age requirement for participation but participants do need to be able to read independently at their reading level.  For example, a 3 year old cannot participate by having books read to him/her/them.  

Q: Why do you need our names and contact information?

A: We want the winning team members to be able to enjoy the prize that they worked so hard to achieve.  Therefore, the prize events will be by invitation only to the individuals who registered and we’ll use the contact information provided to let you know when the prize events will occur.

Q: Do we have to read at the same time?

A: You can read whenever you normally would.  While there are wonderful perks to reading together, out loud or silently, this is a totally flexible program meaning you can read whenever you would be reading anyways.  

Q: Does it count if I read a book out loud?

A: The reader of the reading-level appropriate book, whether out loud or silently, gets the credit for reading the book.  That means, if the kid team member reads a book out loud to a grown-up, its the kid that gets to count the book, not the grown-up.  


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