In Our Community 

Being a contributing and active part of our community and giving back to our community are essential to what we do as an Independent Bookstore and as bookstore owners.  It's just who we are as people and we're extending that into what the bookstore does as well.  Our efforts to give back and invest in our community are supported by every purchase that you make and would not be possible without many partners.  Thank you for allowing us to give back, to invest, to be a part of our community and thank you for your support.

Current Projects

Adventure Bound Books supports school media specialists/librarians and students' rights to access diverse books in their school libraries.  We are currently appealing to the Burke County Board of Education to continue to allow trained media specialists in our schools to select diverse books for students to choose from when checking out books to read from their school libraries.  We support students' rights to have a diverse collection of books available to them in their school libraries that cover a wide range of topics, across all genres, and that represent the experiences of diverse authors.   OUR STUDENTS AND LIBRARIANS NEED US!  If you also believe that school librarians should not be restricted in the books they make available to students in the school libraries and that students should not have certain books or titles banned from their school libraries, and you'd like to do something to help, below are a few steps you can take to help: 
  1. Write a letter, as a parent, community member, and/or student, to the Burke County Board of Education in support of the media policies and collection development procedures that school media specialists currently follow.
  2. Write a letter, as a parent, community member, and/or student, to the Board of Education on why books should not be banned and/or the importance of reading banned books. 
  3. Watch the previous BOE meeting (12/13) and write a letter in response to the people who are issuing complaints (you can begin the meeting video at the 24 minute mark to get directly to the complaints being made).
  4. Read the ALA Library Bill of Rights and explain why it (or one tenant of it) is important when addressing challenges or reconsiderations.
  5. Write a short op-ed and send it to your local newspaper outlining the dangers of censorship and encouraging those against book banning to let their school boards know. (Link here)
  6. Show up at the January 3rd meeting to support our students, schools, and librarians!
If you choose to write a letter, letters can be: 
  1. Mailed to the Board of Education at EITHER (or BOTH) of these addresses - 
    1. PO Box 989, Morganton, NC 28680
    2. 700 Parker Rd., Morganton, NC 28655
  2. Read as public comments at the January 10th Board of Education meeting (even if you also mailed a copy to the Board of Education previously). 
    1. To get on the schedule/Public Comments list, call Linda Huffman at 828-439-4311.
    2. Adults and students can read (an adult may want to introduce their student if possible, but that is not necessary). 
Letter Template - The linked letter is a sample that can be used to form your own letter to the Board of Education.  Swap the highlighted text for your individual/personal information and add your thoughts as appropriate. 
Additional Resources:
(The information above was adapted from resources sent by a Burke County School Media Specialist, the American Booksellers Association, Pen America, and the National Coalition Against Censorship.)

Ongoing Community Involvement

Angela serves on the Board of the Downtown Development Association, alongside amazing downtown colleagues, striving to spread the Shop Local message as widely as possible.

Indies First and the Indie Bookstores Give Back Campaign​

In partnership with the American Booksellers Association, NY Times Bestselling author Jason Reynolds, Simon & Schuster, and American Express, we are participating in the "Indie Bookstores Give Back" 2018 Campaign.  In addition to requesting the free carton of special edition copies of Jason Reynold's first book in the NY Times Bestselling Track series, Ghost, we ordered a second carton.  Forty-eight copies of this amazing middle grades read will be donated to Walter Johnson Middle School. For more information on the Campaign, check out the Indies First webpage

Centro Latino Partnership

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to join various community partners this holiday season in donating 50 books by US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera to Centro Latino in Hickory, NC.  Children from Kindergarten through 7th grade participate in the program whose mission is to provide "a Christian response to the needs of Latinos in our community and seeks to bridge the cultural gap between Spanish and non-Spanish speakers through outreach, advocacy and training."  Younger children in the program will receive signed copies of Imagine and older students will received autographed copies of Jabberwalking.  This holiday opportunity is the beginning of a developing partnership with the Centro Latino program, its students, and its community partners.

"Free Dobby" Sock Drive

July 31, 2018 was the launch of our annual "Free Dobby" Sock Drive to benefit Burke United Christian Ministries and their clothing programs.  Harry Potter fans know that Dobby the House Elf was set free when Lucius Malfoy unknowingly gave him a sock and that Dobby's favorite item of clothing is socks!  To celebrate Harry's birthday and support the work of BUCM, socks are collected then donated just in time to meet the back-to-school clothing needs in our community.