Fundraise With Books Through Adventure Days!

ADVENTURE DAYS is our fundraising program for school groups, (PTA, Booster Club, school club), church groups, athlete teams, and non-profit groups looking to raise funds in general or for a specific project. 

We will work with the fundraising group to choose a day or days for the fundraiser to take place.  We will provide printed vouchers/flyers with both the fundraising group's name/logo and the bookstore's name/logo on it to hand out to potential participants. These should be handed out by members of the fundraising group as liberally as possible (that means not just parents/families of students or group members; anyone can bring in a fundraiser flyer in support of your group's event!). 


On the selected day or days (as selected collaboratively by the bookstore and the fundraising group), every total purchase of taxable goods accompanied by the group's voucher/flyer will count towards the fundraiser pot.  At the end of the business day, 15% of the pre-tax amount spent in-store on in-stock* books and merchandise will be given to the group (10% of pre-tax amounts spent on pre-paid special orders).  For example, if a church youth group held an Adventure Day and fundraiser vouchers accompanied sales that totaled, before taxes, $1,000 in in-stock purchases, then $150 would be given to the group.  If pre-tax, in-stock sales, accompanied by fundraiser flyers, for the group totaled $2,000, then we would turn $300 over to the school towards the fundraiser. 

The more people you tell about your fundraiser and the more flyers you pass out for shoppers to bring in, the more successful your fundraiser is!


If you are interested in scheduling an Adventure Day (or Days) stop by the store to get started.

Schedule Your Book Fair at your local independent bookstore!

Book Fairs work similarly to our Adventure Day fundraisers but are typically scheduled for an entire week.  The percentage of book fair related sells that your school earns is 20% for in-store purchases and 15% of online purchases made during the Book Fair week.  There are many benefits of a Book Fair at your local bookstore including:

1. Books from a range of different publishers,

2. Your school needs to recruit fewer volunteers,

3. Adult and children's books count towards the total used to calculate your school's earnings, and

4. After-school and weekend hours for shoppers.

  If you are interested in learning more and scheduling a Book Fair for your school stop by the store or call to get started.