BOOK Your Birthday with us!

** Birthday Party Reservations are temporarily on hold during the current COVID-19 gathering guidelines in place.  We will honor these guidelines to keep us and you safe.  **
* Reserved space in the Community Room for up to 2 hours;
* Dedicated Bookseller to facilitate story time and crafts;
* Craft materials related to party theme for up to 12 attendees;
* A copy of the primary story time book for birthday child to keep (and may we suggest having his or her friends sign the book as a keepsake?);
* A goodie bag with an Adventure Bound Books bookmark and $5 Adventure Bound Books gift certificate for up to 12 party attendees.
We have put together several party theme ideas for your consideration but are more than happy to work to create a customized themed party that matches your young reader's interests.  Examples of party themes include:

* Tea Party               
* Magical Birthday           
* Out of this World
* Adventures in Reading       
* Mythical Creature       
* Vroom!            
* Outside Inside          
* Marvelous Makers        
In collaboration with local artists and makers, the following add-on options are currently availalbe for an additional fee:
* Face Painting

You can also add to your party package a copy of the story time book for all attendees for an additional fee (based on the book selected).
If you choose to BOOK your birthday, you are responsible for the following:
* $50 non-refundable deposit at time of party reservation;
* Remaining balance before the start of the event on the party date;
* Estimated attendance count for those participating in craft activity two days prior to the party date; and
* As applicable to your party needs:
   * Invitations,
   * Decorations (only paint-friendly putty can be used to affix decorations to the wall),
   * Refreshments.

If you will have more than 12 attendees at the party who will participate in the party craft and receive goodie bags, a $10 per attendee fee will be added to the total cost of the birthday party package. 
Call the bookstore and ask to speak with Angela for additional details and to check the calendar for available dates.  We strongly encourage you stop in to arrange details in person.  Reservation deposits can only be accepted in person.