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March Bingo Challenge


Official Rules & Additional Details


Complete the activities in a 5-block horizontal row, a 5-block vertical column, or a 5-block diagonal row to get BINGO and earn 25% OFF your in-store purchase in April 2022.   Complete a BINGO Board Black-out (all activities on the board are completed) and receive 50% OFF your in-store purchase in April 2022.  (Discount excludes special orders and pre-orders, Clearwater Crafts products, gift certificates, event tickets, and photography by Nancy Buchanan.)


Author Events in March 2022 include:

  • Book Launch with Dolly Parton & James Patterson (Virtual; March 6th)

  • VWS with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (@ LRU; March 30th)

  • VWS with Steve Palmer & John T. Edge (@ LRU; March 31st)


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Your bookseller will stamp your BINGO board upon completion of the activity (for example, when you tell your bookseller the title of the memoir you read and when you finished it). 


Book Club: 

  • TBR Book Club March 4th, 7pm (Zoom)


Participants are allowed ONE book to count for two blocks but a single book cannot count for more than two blocks and you can only use this advantage one time. 


While you are not required to purchase the books from us that you read for the BINGO challenge, we hope you’ll support your local independent bookstore as much as you are able.

March Bingo Board.jpg